Archiving PCs within Ivanti EPM based on a query

As a companion piece to the EPM vs. Active Directory, this post covers archiving PCs based on a query. You may want to do this for various reasons, such as removing devices with broken agents or removing devices that are no longer in production automatically after a certain threshold. In our example, we will build a query that finds PCs that have not performed an inventory scan and vulnerability scan within 30 days and removes them from our inventory. These would then show up on our scheduled EPM vs. Active directory report and trigger remediation steps.

Let’s get started

  1. Open EPM console
  2. Expand queries, my queries, right-click, and select ‘New Query.’
  3. In our example, we want to catch PCs that have not done a vulnerability scan AND and inventory in 30 days.
  4. Open the Tools menu, go to the data analytics sub-menu, and select ‘Data Translation Services.’
  5. Expand Archive Asset, select all rules, right-click, and select ‘New Rule.’
  6. Enter your desired rule name and description, and select next.
  7. You can set your linked attribute to either the serial number or the default (device id), check the ‘delete from the management suite’ option, and select ‘Finish.’
  8. Now it’s time to set our targets – right click your new archive rule and select ‘Set Targets.’
  9. Select your query we created in step two, move it over to selected devices, and select ‘OK.’
  10. Right-click your newly created archive rule and select ‘Schedule.’
  11. Define your target – in our example; it’s ‘LD01’.
  12. For the scheduled task, I’d recommend archiving assets daily, so your inventory stays current.
  13. Click ‘Save’ and your devices should be archived.